It's an alphabet theme on My Lost treasure. We started with a week of songs that begin with the letter A, then a week of Bs, and so on and so on. Kind of like the Letter Game that we play every day on The Boris and Robyn Show. Today it's an awesome O song from Elvis Costello.

We used to play a lot of Elvis Costello on WPDH. Not so much anymore. I'm a big fan, so it's disappointing to me that not as many people get to hear him these days. The only time I ever saw Elvis Costello was about five years ago at UPAC in Kingston. UPAC is such a great venue. I have never seen a bad show there, and the Elvis Costello show was no exception. Perfect sound, a great view of the stage, and a fine performer. The only thing that was bad about that show was that I had to get up at 4:30 am the next day. Oh well, it was well worth being tired for a day.

Do you have a good O song? I'll take P songs and Q songs too. Let me know at, or find me on facebook. Thanks for all the great suggestions, please keep them coming!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News