The current theme is songs with body parts in the title, and today it is one of my favorites from Graham Nash. I am playing a great live version from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. This is the version I grew up with, and it brings back so many memories.

I just love the music of Graham Nash. He can take a very political or controversial subject and turn it into a beautiful song. Sometimes it's so catchy you don't even realize that there is an important message behind it. I actually got to interview Graham Nash a couple of years ago, and what a pleasure that was. He was a real gentleman. And very informative.

If you are looking to see Graham in concert, he will be at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Ct. July 11, the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester July 15, and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on Sept. 24. Graham puts on a great show with or without Crosby, Stills, and Young.


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