It is a body parts theme on My Lost Treasure. We have found a lot of "heart" songs and a lot of "eyes" songs. Today it is an "eyes" song from Bob Welch.

Does anyone remember Bob Welch? He was actually a member of Fleetwood Mac for a while. Are you familiar with the Fleetwood Mac song Hypnotized? It's a great song, and that one was during the Bob Welch era. Bob had some good solo stuff too. He had a hit with a song called Sentimental Lady, and he also did well with today's lost treasure. Give it a listen, I think you will like it.

Do you have any ideas or requests for a song that fits the body parts theme? If you do, email me at and let me know what it is. You can also find me on facebook or write your suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for your help!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News