The current  theme on My Lost treasure is up and down.  I have gotten a lot of great suggestions, but no one asked for this one.  I might have forgotten about it too, but I woke up with this song in my head and realized it fits the theme.  And it's a good one.

When Bethel Woods Center for the Arts first opened, I went to see the Hippie Fest.  It was the first show I ever saw at Bethel Woods, and it was a pretty cool show.  Lots of old hippies like myself. One of the artists playing was Rod Argent.  I believe it was actually billed as The Zombies, which is the band Rod was in before Argent.  But they played some Argent songs, including today’s lost treasure. They did a great job with both The Zombies songs and the Argent songs.

Boris and I are on vacation until Feb. 21, but Meat Sandwich is taking over the show and has all the cool stuff you are used to.  Up to the minute news and traffic, Beer of the Week, and lots of great classic rock.  Thanks for listening.