We are currently working on a body parts theme on My Lost Treasure. I don't play much Aerosmith here, but I am an Aerosmith fan, and today's song is a great one that really fits the theme.

I have only seen Aerosmith once. It was a listener bus trip to Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa. I had heard some horror stories about Aerosmith's old druggie days when they had less than perfect performances. That was not the case for the show I saw. They were spot on. And the set list was perfect. They played all my old favorites and then some. I am glad they got it together before they let drugs and drinking ruin the band. And they're still going pretty strong even if they are calling this latest tour their last.

Boris and I are back on the air tomorrow and we will be kicking off our Tiny House Week. Listen to WPDH for all the details. Talk to you then!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News