It's the last week of our in and out theme, because it's the last week of March.  IN like a lion, OUT like a lamb.  Saturday we kick off a brand new theme on My Lost Treasure.  I am not sure what the new theme will be, but I had better decide pretty quickly.

Recently, Aerosmith's Joey Kramer made statements saying that he thinks Aerosmith is better than The Rolling Stones.  Sorry Joey, I respectfully disagree.  But I do love me some old Aerosmith, and today's pick is one of my all time favorites from Aerosmith.  It is the title cut to a damn good album.  And it fits the in and out category.

As I mentioned earlier, I still have not decided what our new category will be.  I have gotten a couple of suggestions, but I could use more.  If you have an idea for a good theme, send an email to me at  Thanks, I could not do it without all your help!