We have a weather theme going right now on My Lost Treasure, and today's pick certainly fits the theme.  I think I only got one or two requests for this one when I asked for weather related song suggestions, but we get loads of requests for it on the air.  So I'm doing it.

Everyone thinks of me as a Dead Head.  And I do love The Dead.  And everyone knows that I adore Neil Young, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Dylan, etc.  But did you know I am also an AC/DC fan?  I did not even realize it for years, but the truth is, I am.  In fact, most of my friends appreciate AC/DC.  Americans singer songwriter Lucinda Williams, who is one of my favorites, even covered AC/DC on one of her albums.

So, this one is for all of my fellow AC/DC fans.  Enjoy it.  And keep those song suggestions coming.  And if you have any ideas for future themes for My Lost treasure, send those my way too.  Thanks!