The theme for My Lost Treasure is size. It can be big, little, large, small, thin, fat, wide, etc. Today we have two "little" songs from the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

These are both great songs. I just love to hear Stevie Ray Vaughn play guitar. I was lucky enough to actually meet him back in the early 80s when he was in town for a show. He played live for us right in the WPDH studio, and everybody who was listening to the station that day was treated to that special performance. Stevie Ray Vaughan was as nice as he was talented. I am so glad I got to meet him before it was too late. He put on a great show that night at The Chance.

Boris and I are on vacation until July 31, but My Lost Treasure will not be on vacation. If you have an idea for a size related song, please pass it along to me so I can use it for My Lost Treasure. Email me at, find me on facebook, or write your suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for your help!