We are in the middle of a weather related songs theme right now on My Lost Treasure.  Yesterday I played you a double shot of rainy songs from Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Today I will balance it out with two sunny songs from The Kinks.

The first one, Sunny Afternoon, is the one everybody expects me to play.  It's a great song.  The second one, Sitting In The Midday Sun is more obscure, but it is my favorite of the two.  It holds some great memories for me.  It's the song my friend Dan the Man would sing every summer.  As he quit his job.  Yes, Dan used to quit his job in the summer.  There is a line in the song that says "Who needs a job when it's sunny"  That is the line Dan used to sing.  Those were the days.

Boris and I are off until Wednesday Sept. 7.  We have a lot of great things planned when we come back.  We'll be starting up Beer of the Week again, we have pumpkin spice week on the way, and more details about The Funniest Person in the Hudson Valley contest.  Talk to you then.