Musicians have been talking about defying “the man” since the dawn of time — it’s the rock ’n’ roll ethos, right? It seems to some bands that “man” was their record label, and “defying” them actually resulted in a few lengthy court battles to fight over ownership of music, fulfilment of contracts, album prices and much more.

Rather than battle of the bands, the music industry has had far too many battles with the labels. We’ve selected some of the more intense or notable battles artists have undertaken against their label that have made headlines or history, with some even changing the interworking of the industry and how labels operate with musicians, ultimately setting a precedent for the rest of the music industry.

7 Times Musicians Battled Their Record Labels

Always a messy situation.

25 Nastiest Rock Feuds

The rock world is full of some of the biggest stars and, subsequently, some of the biggest egos. As bands hit the road with each other, run into one another at various award shows and celebrity events, personalities are bound to clash — and they have!

Scroll through the gallery below to relive the 25 Nastiest Rock Feuds.