Happy Birthday today (June 26) to guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Mick Jones of The Clash. He’s 62. Also celebrating is bassist Colin Greenwood of Radiohead (48).

Mick Jones played with English punk band The Clash up until his dismissal from the band in 1983. After The Clash, he was briefly a founding member of General Public before leaving to form the band Big Audio Dynamite in 1984.

“But even before the New York Dolls, I used to follow bands around, I followed Mott the Hoople up and down the country. I’d go to Liverpool or Newcastle or somewhere- sleep on the Town Hall steps, and bunk the fares on the trains. hide in the toilet when the ticket inspector came around. I’d jump off just before the train got to the station and climb over the fence. It was great times, and I always knew I  wanted to be in a band and play guitar. That was it for me.”  – Mick Jones to Gibson Backstage Pass Holiday Double Issue 2006. Cheers to this true rocker on his birthday today!

Colin Greenwood
Kevin Winter/Getty Images