Bad drivers, beware! The Masked Maniac could be coming  for you.

A New Haven, Connecticut man who calls himself the Masked Maniac is making news by warning reckless drivers to change their ways.

The Maniac, real name Sabir Abdussabur, is even ready to report repeat offenders to the police, according to the NY Post. However, Abdussabu doesn't work for authorities, nor does he receive compensation. He does it to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. He knows from experience. He told the NY Post:

When I got hit by a car back in 2014, I decided to take the law into my own hands and just patrol the streets for myself to help the streets become safer.

The Maniac can be found riding the streets of New Haven on his bicycle, wearing his signature all black safety suit and mask. The outfit has certainly caught drivers by surprise.

However, he doesn't see himself as a vigilante, He'd like to

Some have found him to be a nuisance, though others have admired his drive and dedication to keep the streets safer. The NY Post says that's he even picked up a couple of young sidekicks.