These deep-fried sticks are hiding a secret inside. Will you try one before they disappear?

Last year we were one of the first ones to try Burger King's innovative Mac N' Cheetos. The revolutionary menu item had people lining up to try sticks of macaroni and cheese that were deep fried and topped with genuine Cheetos dust.

However disgusting the treat sounds (and it does sound pretty gross), the end result was actually surprisingly delicious. The combination of mac and cheese, that deep-fried crust and the sprinkling of Cheetos dust was something quite magical.

No, Burger King has brought back the limited-time menu item with a twist. Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos have arrived at local restaurants. As you've probably guessed, the Cheetos dust has been replaced with a "flamin' hot" version that is advertised as being super spicy.

We wanted to find out if these new Mac N' Cheetos were just as good as the ones we had last year, so we headed down to Burger King to give them a try.

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