If you like ice cream and are interested in trying something delicious we've found a must-try in Orange County, New York.

Thankfully the Hudson Valley is full of amazing places to grab ice cream in the warmer months and depending on where you live will say a lot about which place you visit the most. Dutchess and Ulster Counties are full of great places including Joe's Dairy Bar, Village Creamery, Jolly Cow, and Zoe's, to name a few (more below).

Ice Cream Surprise

Orange County is also home to great places like Bellvale Farms Creamery, Mary Jane's Dairy Bar, and the Quickway Twin Cone. They are also home to Weir's Ice Cream in Salisbury Mills, New York, and if you've never been to Weir's fans say it's one of the best places for soft serve. I've never been before but according to Weir's Facebook page, I do think I will be planning a trip soon as they have started a new theme this year.

Weir's Ice Cream Orange County, New York
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"Sprinkle of the Week" at Weir's in Orange County, New York

If you go out for ice cream in the summer you are well aware that one of the hardest decisions you need to make is what flavor of ice cream you'd like to get and how you'd like it prepared, a sundae, a shake, a cup, or a cone? The choices are overwhelming for this ice cream lover, but when I finally make it out to Weir's Ice Cream in Salisbury Mills, NY my decision will be an easy one as they have announced they are doing a "Sprinkle of the Week" theme.

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According to their Facebook page the "Sprinkle of the Week" will include "a variety of delicious things to roll your cone in." OMG!! This sounds and looks amazing and has kicked off this week (April 22nd) with one of the best things I've ever seen...

Weir's Ice Cream
Weir's Ice Cream/Facebook
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Yes! Strawberry shortcake crumbs on a big cone of vanilla soft serve looks so good, right? Once you wipe the drool from your face (me too) prepare for different sprinkles each week including, "Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and more!" If you try any of the sprinkle options at Weir's, we'd love to know what your favorite was. Let us know through our station app above.

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