Pharmacy giant Rite Aid has announced they are closing some of its 2,000+ stores nationwide.

Back in October 2023, Rite Aid announced that they were filing for bankruptcy protection after company officials reported the pharmacy chain had suffered "awful earnings". When court papers were filed on October 15th they verified that the chain was planning to close 150 stores across 15 states in the coming months. They added 31 stores to that list in November and just a few months later they added even more stores to the list of soon-to-be-closed stores.

Tara Saglimbeni/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Tara Saglimbeni/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Rite Aid Closing Select New York Locations

New court documents show that Rite Aid Pharmacy has added ten stores to the list of over 200+ stores that were previously announced to close according to News Nation Now. New York was originally set to lose only two locations at the time, stores located at 335 Route 25a Miller Place, and 5825-35 Broadway, Bronx, New York but according to new court papers that number has increased.

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In court documents dated January 23rd, 2024 Rite Aid is now adding two more New York locations to the closings list bringing New York's total to 4 stores. The Rite Aid locations at 249 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, and 7812 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY are now scheduled to close, although the court documents didn't say when the locations would close. Customers of the stores scheduled to close are being asked to transfer their pharmacy needs to a nearby Rite Aid location which you can find here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Rite Aid Closing More Locations Across the Country

Rite Aid added 8 other locations to the list of closures including six locations in California, one in Pennsylvania, and two others in Ohio. Rite Aid didn't say when these locations would be closing:

  • 5520 Woodruff Avenue, Lakewood, California
  • 8694 Lake Murray Boulevard, San Diego, California
  • 1020 East Broadway Street, Needles, California
  • 200 North Antrim Way, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
  • 2709 Broadway Avenue, Lorain, Ohio
  • 11350 Victory Boulevard, North Hollywood, California
  • 9940 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, California
  • 15596 West High Street, Middlefield, Ohio

This is a developing story so as more information becomes available we will update this article.

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