This weekend we kicked off the first official weekend of fall for the 2023 season. And we can already see the change.

The Leaves Are Starting to Change Across New York State

The leaves across the Hudson Valley are slowly starting to change. Thank goodness for the I Love NY Fall Foliage map helping us navigate when we will hit the peak and most likely see a peak in out-of-towners.

When the foliage peak finally hits, the Hudson Valley will be illuminated with bright yellow, red and orange leaves making every car ride around town a little more enjoyable. .

Prettiest Fall Towns in The Hudson Valley, NY

Some time ago, we covered some of the rudest towns in the Hudson Valley. That was more about the attitude of those living in those neighborhoods. This time around, we want to focus of the beauty of our region.

The fall is the perfect time to visit the Hudson Valley for a little road trip. Do we enjoy the traffic that the "citiots" bring in? Absolutely not. But at this point...secrets out: The Hudson Valley is the top spot to visit in the 'ber' months.

And think about it, at least we have a pretty view while waiting in said traffic, right?

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We asked and you answered. Here are the most popular responses we got for the Prettiest Towns to Visit in The Hudson Valley this fall. If we missed your town let us know and we'll be sure to add it to the list.

10 of The Prettiest Hudson Valley Towns to Visit This Fall with Breathtaking Views

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Scenes of Fall Foliage at Gertrude's Nose in Kerhonkson, NY

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