It may just be my social media but I don't think so, I think this winter we have been seeing a lot of missing pets. I also think that we may be seeing more posts because people are figuring out that there's a network that can help.

I follow two pages on Facebook that do a great job helping people find their missing pets. Lost Pets of the Hudon Valley and HV Lost Pets have been working overtime for the last month or more.

Who Can Help Find a Lost Pet in the Hudson Valley

What is great to see when you follow these pages is the knowledge people have and share to help get a pet back home. The feeds for both of these pages are full of happy endings.

Bane via YouTube Heatseeker Drone Services
Bane via YouTube Heatseeker Drone Services

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I won't say there aren't some sad stories. Not every pet's story ends with a reunion. Some animals are found deceased but you keep reading because there are stories that turn out amazing which pretty much happened with the story of Bane the missing German Shepard from Middletown, New York.

Bane's story could have ended very differently if it wasn't for one gentleman who has used his drone service many times this year. Heatseeker Drone Services is the reason that Bane is home safe and sound.

Lost German Shepard Rescued off Frozen Lake Thanks to New York Drone Service

Watch Bane's attempts to reach the shore to be rescued. Heatseeker Drone Services captures the tense moments.

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Heatseeker Drone Services is a Southern New York-based drone service ready to assist with thermal aerial needs. Michael Coyne is an FAA-licensed professional insured drone pilot. He specializes in Animal search and recovery, photography, videography, and thermal inspections. He can be contacted at (914) 420-9917.

Bane the missing dog went missing in the Middletown area near Kirby Road. It is not clear when Heatseeker was called in to help but it is clear that Bane wasn't coming off that ice without help.

Lost Dog Rescued Off Ice Near Middletown, New York

Bane via YouTube Heatseeker Drone Services
Bane via YouTube Heatseeker Drone Services
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