A new live set by Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention will arrive this summer featuring nearly five hours of material, most previously unreleased.

Whisky a Go Go, 1968 includes a three-set concert from the historic Los Angeles venue that was recorded for a live album. But most tracks on the three-disc set have remained unreleased over the past 55 years.

Zappa and the band performed the show on July 23, 1968, following the release of their first three influential albums, 1966's Freak Out!, 1967's Absolutely Free and 1968's We're Only in It for the Money.

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In addition to the three-CD version of Whisky a Go Go, 1968, a five-LP set and a two-LP vinyl "Highlights" edition will also be available. You can listen to "The Duke - Take 2" from the upcoming collection, due on June 21, below.

The band took out an ad in the L.A. Free Press in the summer of 1968 that said, "The Mothers of Invention cordially invite you to join them on Tuesday, July 23, 1968, when they will be taking over the Whisky a Go Go for five full hours of unprecedented merriment, which will be secretly recorded for an upcoming record album. Dress optional. Starting sometime in the evening. R.S.V.D.T.”

What's on Frank Zappa's 'Whisky a Go Go' Live Album?

The live album never surfaced but a few tracks have shown up on other Zappa records over the years. The three sets included Mothers favorites "Help, I'm a Rock," "King Kong" (which didn't show up until 1969's Uncle Meat) and "Plastic People." You can see the track listing for Whisky a Go Go, 1968 below.

The Mothers of Invention included Ray Collins (on vocals and percussion), Ian Underwood (alto sax), Bunk Gardner (tenor sax, flute), Don Preston (keyboards, gong), Motorhead Sherwood (baritone sax, percussion), Roy Estrada (bass, vocals), Art Tripp (drum set, percussion) and Jimmy Carl Black (drum set, percussion).

Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, 'Whisky a Go Go, 1968' Track Listing
CD 1
1. Whisky Improvisation: Episode I
2. America Drinks & Goes Home
3. Help, I’m A Rock / Transylvania Boogie
4. My Boyfriend’s Back
5. Bust His Head
6. Tiny Sick Tears Jam
7. “The Purpose Of This Evening…”
8. Whisky Improvisation: Episode II
9. Status Back Baby
10. Memories Of El Monte
11. Oh, In The Sky
12. Valerie

CD 2
1. “Fun & Merriment”
2. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
3. King Kong – Part 1
4. King Kong – Part 2
5. Octandre
6. Whisky Improvisation: Episode III
7. Meow
8. God Bless America
9. Presentation Of Wings
10. Plastic People
11. Della’s Preamble
12. The Duke – Take 1
13. The Duke – Take 2
14. Khaki Sack

CD 3
1. The Whip
2. Whisky Chouflée
3. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
4. Brown Shoes Shuffle

Bonus Vintage Mixes
5. The Whip (FZ Mix)
6. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (FZ Mono Mix)

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