A new music video for the recently released — and last ever — Beatles song, "Now and Then," is out today.

Directed by Peter Jackson, the video uses both previously unseen archival footage and new visual effects. You can watch the video below.

"To be honest, while we hope we've given the Beatles a suitable final farewell, that's something you'll need to decide for yourselves when it's finally released," Jackson said in a press release. "Having got to the end, I'm very happy I'm not waiting for the release of somebody else's 'Now and Then' music video. I have genuine pride in what we made, and I'll cherish that for years to come."

Peter Jackson's Work With the Beatles

"I've always loved the Beatles as a group," Jackson told the Los Angeles Times in 2022. "You take any one member away and it's not the Beatles anymore. I have to say, I love the Beatles because I love the music; I love the songs."

In 2021, Jackson directed the Emmy-winning three-part documentary series The Beatles: Get Back. For that project, Jackson and his team utilized a new kind of de-mixing technology that allowed individual voices and instruments to be separated out and re-mixed accordingly. This same technology was used to de-mix Lennon's original "Now and Then" demo tape such that it could be used for a new track.

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According to Jackson, he'd ultimately like to release an extended version of Get Back.

"They say — and they might be quite right — that there's no market anymore for extended cuts. But I know that there's five or six hours of fantastic material that we didn't include, and I don't want it to go back into the vaults for 50 years," he said last year. "So, let's just say that it's a conversation that's happening, but it's not necessarily a definitive one at this point."

The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be

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