When you think of driving in New York, you may think of traffic, ongoing construction, and long commutes. But just how bad it it overall when compared to other states? After all, there are a lot of roads across New York. A new study has helped shed some light on just how bad (or maybe not so bad) driving conditions are in New York state.

The Study

WalletHub compared the 50 states across four key dimensions, cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, safety and access to vehicles and maintenance. When it came to such dimensions such as cost of ownership, and traffic issues, New York ranked towards the bottom.


However, New York did quite well when it came to safety and and access to vehicles and maintenance.

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Where Did New York Rank? 

WalletHub ranked New York state 32nd overall for driving conditions. Iowa ranked 1st, and Hawaii was last. Connecticut was 34th, Massachusetts 36th, Vermont 38th, New Jersey 40th, and Pennsylvania 39th.

Source: WalletHub

The Country's Most Confrontational Drivers 

Forbes Advisor survey rated the country's most confrontational drivers and New York may not be nearly as bad versus some other states. The survey used 10 key metric from an online survey of 5,000 drivers across the country. Some of the metrics ranged from someone bumping you on purpose, to being yelled at, to even having someone point and fire a gun at you while on the road.

Surprisingly, Utah was found to be the state with the most confrontational drivers. here is the Top 5, according to Forbes:

  1. Utah
  2. Missouri
  3. Colorado
  4. Oklahoma
  5. New Mexico 

Massachusetts was 15th when it came to confrontational drivers. New Jersey was 17th, Vermont 22nd, Connecticut was 39th, and Pennsylvania was actually all the way down at 49th.

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New Yorkers Are Polite Drivers?

According to the numbers, New York was only 46th out of 50 when it came to confrontation on the roads. Perhaps since we've seen it all, having someone pointing a gun at you on the road isn't such a big deal, and no one bothered to mention it during the survey?  We kid.

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