Some people thought Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul would never play again after blowing his fingers off in a fireworks accident in 2015.

But the Giants defensive star was able to bounce back, and now JPP wants a multi-year deal. If not, he may go elsewhere.

Pierre-Paul had signed a one year deal with the Giants in 2016, worth $10 million dollars. Injuries cut short his season once again, but JPP performed well during the 12 games he played in. In twelve games, he had seven sacks and three forced fumbles.

Heck, JPP has hinted he would have been able to play again this weekend in Dallas, had the Giants won Sunday night.

But is he worth it in the long term? Do the Giants want to invest in another long-term contract especially since they've already got Olivier Vernon and Damon Harrison?

JPP is only 28 years old though, so he's still young. He's adamantly stated he's not signing any more one year contracts.

I've done proved it. There's not a guy like me doing it with 7.5 fingers.

Well, he is right. He was the league's most valuable player for guys who only have seven and a half of their fingers.

But in all seriousness, the Giants could have really used in him last Sunday night against the Packers.