Everybody knows Coco-Cola. It is quite literally one of these most famous and iconic brands on the planet and every year, people around the world guzzle down unfathomable amounts of the famous soft drink.

In recent times however, Coco-Cola has been experimenting with new variations of their iconic beverage and another variant is set to hit supermarket shelves soon. Much like the previous experiments, this new flavor of Coco-cola has a rather interesting concept to it.

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Limited Edition Coco-Cola of the Future

The new flavor Coco-Cola to put it simply is the Coco-Cola of the future. No literally, that's the concept. The brand new limited edition Coco-Cola Y3000 is a new twist on the classic beverage we know that is supposed to "...help bring the flavor of tomorrow to Coke fans".

attachment-Coke 1

Coke Y3000 also has another interesting concept behind it. That concept is that this flavor of coke was developed with the help of artificial intelligence or AI. Now time for the most important question, what does the future taste like?

Taste of New Coke Y3000

With Coco-Cola being as massively popular as it is, you could imagine that swaths of fans have been racing to there local supermarkets or wherever they can find the beverage. If you actually did imagine that exact scene, you'd be right.

Coco-Cola Y3000 has just recently hit store shelves and numerous individuals have clamoured to wherever they can to talk about and describe the flavor of the future and after going through a number of different reviews, people of many opinions on what this new flavor is.

Youttube-Industrial Industries World Radio
Youttube-Industrial Industries World Radio

Starting off with a Youtuber who goes by Industrial Industries World Radio who in his review of the drink said it tasted like "Coco-Cola but with a type of berry flavor". Specifically he said red berries, so things like cherries or raspberries, etc. He'd also go on to say that the drink is sweet and has a "calming finish".

Moving, we had another review from a website called Taste of Home. They reviewed the soda and what can definitely be agreed upon is that the new flavor of coke is certainly sweet. In the article it was stated that the new Coke Y3000 tasted like...

 it tasted like all the red soda flavors got together and threw a party. Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, generic “fruit punch...

In addition, the article also mentioned how just opening the can one could be "bowled over" by the incredibly strong smelling sweetness of the beverage.

Youtube-Industrial Industries World Radio
Youtube-Industrial Industries World Radio

Numerous other individuals have also chimed in and given their opinions on the new drink. One thing seems certain and it's that the future definitely seems to be quiet sweet.

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