The reality TV star lives in Saugerties and will be talking with fans this month.

Jay Gruen made the decision eight years ago to live closer to nature and have a better connection to where his food comes from. As a result, he moved to Saugerties and jumped into the world of homesteading.

We asked Gruen what homesteading is all about and how someone gets started living "off the grid." He shared his story with us as well as some tips for those of us who love the idea of being close to nature, but are very comfortable living with modern conveniences.

You can learn more about homesteading from Jay on May 20 and 21 at the North East Outdoor Sports Show in Rhinebeck. Gruen will be there to meet fans and offer up tips and hacks for homesteaders or people who just want to get closer to nature.

Find out more about Unplugged Nation and Jay Gruen at his official website.