This is the ticket that many hope will win Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing.

There hasn't been a jackpot winner since April. Since then, the Mega Millions total has been climbing. After no winner was selected on Friday the estimated jackpot for Tuesday night is now $346 million.

We asked the Boris & Robyn Show listeners to share their luckiest numbers with us in hopes of coming up with the winning ticket. Every digit represents a story. For example, a mother called us to say her daughter recently joined the military and found out her ID was 4040, so the number 40 is a sure thing. Sounds good to us!

So here are all of your lucky numbers that we put together and played for Tuesday's drawing: 10-13-28-40-44 and the Mega Millions number 8.

Of course, since we're pooling together everyone's luck, it's only fair that we also share in the winnings. From now until the 11pm drawing on August 8 everyone who likes or comments on our Facebook posting of this article will get a piece of the jackpot if... er, WHEN we win.

Good luck!