According to a complaint to the New York Attorney General's office, local police officers were allegedly caught on camera sleeping while on the job.

The confidential complaint uncovered by The Alt claims that multiple police officers were not only sleeping while on the clock, but also allegedly falsified their time sheets to say they were working while asleep.

The source went on to claim that the officers were employed by the SUNY New Paltz police department and that a hidden camera was installed by school administrators to catch the officers sleeping on the job.

Although the allegations have just been made public, the incidents allegedly took place in April. The New York Attorney General referred the complaint to SUNY New Paltz, who were directed to review the charges and make appropriate disciplinary action. The school responded by saying they investigated the matter and took “certain disciplinary actions."

Other allegations claim the officers who were caught sleeping retaliated by sending false emails and letters to the chief and created a hostile work environment. Because those officers were no longer employed by the campus police department, those charges were never pursued.