This year's Insane Inflatable 5K is coming to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds on July 30 with a new course and different obstacles. It will challenge you, surprise you, and leave you wanting more. It could also be a fundraiser for non-profit groups and organizations here in the Hudson Valley.

The Insane Inflatable 5K can help raise funds and awareness for your organization, and it's pretty simple how it works. While they are partnered with the American Cancer Society, at some events they often need additional volunteers to help with the day. Specifically, they look for groups of 10 or more volunteers who can help with parking, registration, course monitoring, the midway, and more.

If a volunteer group of 10 or more, from your 501c3 certified organization, can stay from 7 am until 1 pm, and meet a few other requirements, the Insane Inflatable 5K could donate $50 per person to your organization. If you have 10 people, that's $500 for your non-profit organization. Plus, your volunteers will be taken care of with lunch, snacks, and water throughout the day.

If your organization could use a little more money, here's a great way to raise those funds as well as awareness. Click here for all of the details and how to sign-up. We'll see you on July 30!