From traffic circles to new apartment complexes, the Hudson Valley's landscape has changed quickly in recent years. While many of these changes have been great new additions to the area, some are less appreciated by the community.

So, we thought why not find out what changes residents of the Hudson Valley really want to see? Here's a list of the top 7 changes residents asked for:

Cell Phone Service:

With the geography of the Hudson Valley being an actual valley and all, there are dead zones sprinkled throughout the area and residents are sick of it.

Read more about local dead zones here: The Hudson Valley's 10 Worst Cell Phone Dead Zones

Waterfront Access:

The Hudson Valley truly is a gorgeous place to live. Having access to mountains and waterfronts is extremely desirable. But something more residents in the area want is more access and dedicated recreational areas along the waterfront to enjoy and fewer giant complexes eclipsing the view.

Poughkeepsie Waterfront
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Traffic Circles:

When these first started taking over intersections around the area, traffic circles had a pretty bad rap. But as more drivers have learned the correct way around them, they actually seem to be winning residents over. Nowadays, residents are asking for more of them!


To no one's surprise, residents want to see fewer potholes! Some even asked for 24/7 pothole-filling crews. While that may be a stretch, some areas of the Hudson Valley are trying to make reporting potholes easier at least.

Read more here: Beacon, NY's New Pothole Reporting Tool

Airbnbs and Rental Properties:

It's no mystery why people love coming to visit the Hudson Valley. However, in recent years it's felt like Airbnbs and rental homes have completely taken over certain communities, leaving less available housing for actual residents.

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Speed Limits:

The Teconic may be scenic, but it is certainly not relaxing depending on road conditions. Overzealous drivers are constantly buzzing around the dangerous bends of the Teconic and lots of residents would love to see that speed limit decreased to prevent this.

Re-rename the Bridge:

Across U.S., Stadiums, Landmarks Illuminated In Blue To Honor Essential Workers
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Overwhelming one of the most popular responses to what Hudson Valley residents want to see changed is the name of the Mario Cuomo Bridge. While it's technically and officially been renamed, you'd be hard-pressed to find many locals who don't still call it the Tappan Zee.

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