A Hudson Valley man is heading to prison for severely injuring, burning and neglecting his dog.

On Friday in Town of Fallsburg Court, 41-year-old Rahiem Brown of Woodburne was sentenced to 18 months in Sullivan County Jail after he was convicted of animal cruelty and resisting arrest.

In Nov. 2017, a jury found Brown guilty of two counts of animal cruelty, abandonment of an animal, failure to provide sustenance to an impounded animal and resisting arrest.

Brown severely injured his dog, burnt the dog’s back and severally neglected the animal, according to the Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office.

“This dog is sweet and loving and I am so glad that he survived this ordeal and his abuser has been brought to justice,” Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell said. “Without the help of strangers and good Samaritans who provided him a home and good care likely would have died. The first time I met "Dean" was at the Sullivan County Legislature meeting that considered the animal abuse registry law and when I bent down to greet him, he licked my face.”

Brown was ordered to register under the Sullivan County's Animal Abuse Registry Law, named after the dog that Brown abused, Dean.

The law requires anyone convicted of an animal abuse crime to register with the Sullivan County Animal Abuse Registry for seven years and bars Brown from having any contact with animals for the seven-year period.

"I would like to thank the Fallsburg Police, Fallsburg Animal Control Officer Joanne Gerow, and ADA Caister for their professionalism and diligence in investigating and successfully prosecuting this individual for harming this sweet dog. I also want to thank Dr. Scott Quick, through whose care and veterinary treatment this dog has been nursed back to health,” Farrell said in a press release.

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