Gas prices across the Hudson Valley and nation continue to drop. It's great news for the consumer, but is it good for the economy? An additional three cents came off the state average for New York last week as there is an over supply of crude on the market.

Prices at this time last year were more than 50 cents higher that current prices at the pump. People have gotten used to seeing wild differences in the prices of gasoline over the past few years, having peaked at $3.97 in 2011

Visit to find the lowest prices in the area. Here's a look at what's happening across the Hudson Valley. Be sure to check for the latest prices before hitting the road.


  • $2.09 - Citgo on Dolson Ave
  • $2.09 - Cumberland Farms on East Main St
  • $2.09 - Sunoco on Dolson Ave.


  • $2.24 - Xtra on Parker Ave
  • $2.25 - Fuel 55 on Manchester Rd
  • $2.25 - Gulf on Freedom Plains Rd


  • $2.15 - Sunoco on Broadway
  • $2.15 - Valero on Broadway
  • $2.15 - Sunoco on Ulster Ave


  • $2.19 - Gulf on 9W
  • $2.19 - Valero on 9W
  • $2.19 - QuickChek on 9W
  • $2.19 - Valero on Broadway