So, a lot of people make fun of me when I am talking about The Cars and I say Ric Ocasek's last name.   Or they look at me weirdly.  I say it with a soft a.  Ric O-Cah-sek.  Everybody else seems to say it like O-case-ek.

The reason I say it the way I do is because many years ago we had one of those promotional pieces of audio in which an artist says hi this is so and so and you are listening to 101.5 WPDH, The Home of Rock and Roll.  And he said it the way I do.  Before that, I also said O-case-ek.  Well, that audio is long gone and I never had a way to prove to those doubters that I am right.

Until now, that is.  I happened to be on line to see how to pronounce Homme as in Josh Homme.   And then I found this.  Ha!  I was right.