Have you been thinking about getting a chicken as a pet? Maybe you need an emotional support chicken or there is a chicken that has found its way into your life and you want to keep him or her? Is it legal for you to do so?

The answer to this question may surprise you. Yes, you can have a chicken as a pet, but since this is the State of New York, there are a few rules and regulations to it.

How can you find out the rules about having chickens as pets?

While it is allowed, there are certain ordinances and that varies by town/city or hamlet. They are the ones who are going to say if you can have one or more, or if you can have males only, females only, or a mix of both.

How do you find out which of these 'rules' or ordinances pertain to you?

The first place you will need to make a stop is at the town hall or town municipality where you live. You might also want to consider the distance from your home to your neighbors because chickens are not quiet.

What if you want to sell their eggs?

Selling their eggs means you have to make sure that your chicken is healthy and has been to see a veterinarian, which means making sure you prevent disease and give your chickens a healthy diet.  Have you named your chickens? Feel free to send us photos of your little cuties.

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