Happy Halloween! Don’t hate me for what I am about to write. Halloween is one of the strangest holidays ever (if it is even a real holiday). Don’t get me wrong: I used to love Halloween. But it seems as though there are so many wrongs, it’s hard to believe it’s right.

First of all, you’re always telling your kids not to talk to strangers. Don’t accept candy from strangers. But on Halloween, you send your kids out to knock on the doors of strangers to get candy. It doesn’t compute. Not to mention the amount of sugar that kids are eating on Halloween and the days and weeks following.

And can we talk about costumes through the years? There used to be so many costumes that border on racist and actually were racist. Chinese people costumes, Indians, hobos. They’re all politically incorrect. But I’m sure I was all of those things in Halloweens past. People are much better these days at keeping away from costumes that could be considered racist. Now it’s all about sexy. Even the most unsexy characters have a sexy costume styled after them. There’s a sexy version of everything and anything. Even for young kids. It doesn’t seem right.

And how about vandalism? Call it fun pranking, call it Halloween mischief, say that kids will be kids. But the truth is, it’s vandalism. Anyone who has had to clean egg or smashed pumpkin off their house or car knows what a pain that is. It’s vandalism plain and simple. And it’s accepted at Halloween. Seems so wrong.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Halloween is still around as we know it. But it is, and people seem to love it. So, in order not to be a party pooper, I’ll end this the way I started it. Happy Halloween!