Why would an inmate at Green Haven Correctional Facility send us a ukulele? 

So when I walked into the studio to start my show today, I was surprised to find a package in the studio.

What was interesting about the package, is it appeared to be a guitar or something of that nature. The package also was sent from Green Haven Correctional Facility.

Needless to say, I was confused as to why we were receiving a package from a correctional facility.

So we opened the package, and inside was a ukulele and some how to books to help somebody learn to play said ukulele.

There was no letter sent with the package or a name of who sent it. So, after a few minutes of trying to figure this out, we discovered that an inmate had reached out to us back in June, and was interested in helping us with Music Matters.

So, thank you Craig! That fact that you are incarcerated and it didn't stop you from donating a instrument to help a child in need, really says a lot about you and your character.

You still have time to nominate a child who has expressed interest in music and could benefit from access to a musical instrument. Nominations are being accepted unti July 31st, 2017.