Well, maybe not quite zero people...but when only about 40 fans bother to see you perform in an arena that holds about 8,500, then it might as well be zero.

It was 80's Night at The Sun National Bank Center the other night, after the Trenton Freedom of the Indoor Football League wrapped up their game against Columbus. From there, fans were urged to stick around after the game for a special performance from Jack Russell's Great White (...not be confused with the other Great White. Yes, there's two). The event wasn't exactly the success the band or venue promoters had hoped for. An estimated 1,000 fans came out for the game, but by the time the concert started...only about 42 or so remained, making this one of the loneliest rock concerts ever.

You'd think they're desperate for gigs at this point, but this can't be much worse than the time they performed at a zoo. Yes...this happened.