A great blue heron had to go into surgery after striking a powerline in Orange County while in flight.

A Great Blue Heron suffered a broken radius and ulna in Orange County. The Great Blue Heron is one of those birds that I have seen periodically throughout my life and I always enjoy seeing one. The Great Blue Heron is found across North America. What's interesting about the Great Blue Heron is they can adapt to almost any wetland habitat in its area. I've always seen them in swampy areas or hanging around secluded ponds. I have seen one in the pond behind the radio station as well.

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On May 22, environmental conservation officers responded to reports of an injured Great Blue Heron in the Town of Chester. Officers met with the head keeper and park supervisor for the Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park to devise a plan of action.

Officers and other responders were able to successfully capture the injured bird and transported the Great Blue Heron to Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center in Hunter. It was determined by the medical staff that the bird likely fractured its radius and ulna after striking a powerline while in flight.

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The Great Blue Heron went through the required surgeries and is making a speedy recovery and will be released back into its natural habitat in Chester. It's nice to see that the bird will make a full recovery and get to fly through Hudson Valley skies once again.

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