People noticed something different about the governor when she recently addressed the public and she finally explained the surprising details on how she was injured.

Governor Kathy Hochul recently visited Watervliet Elementary School on Wednesday to discuss education and reading comprehension. People couldn't help but notice that Governor Hochul was wearing a sling and it looked like she had been injured. Truthfully, it was hard to pay attention to anything going on because the sling was pretty distracting and it was very clear to everyone that something had happened.

How did Governor Kathy Hochul recently get injured?

New York State Governor Hochul Website/Canva
New York State Governor Hochul's Website/Canva

Governor Hochul finally addressed the injury and what happened to her.

She mentioned that she was lifting weights, was injured because of this, and would be in a sling for a couple of weeks to recover. The Governor is known for being pretty health-conscious so once everyone found out what finally happened they weren't too surprised.

What is being done to improve reading comprehension in New York State?

Governor Kathy Hochul did announce the Back to Basics Initiative and it will reset how schools approach reading and returning to scientifically proven techniques.

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She also mentioned the importance of reading and working with students to improve their reading skills so they have good options for the future. She stressed on how the ability to read by third grade is an important indicator of a student's future success.

She also mentioned that,

"Reading is the foundation of our education system, but New York State is currently not meeting basic reading proficiency levels. We cannot continue  to allow out kids to fall further behind by utilizing outdated and discredited approaches to reading comprehension."

Governor Hochul mentioned how investments will be made in teacher training programs and that will help tackle this issue head on. The governor will be giving her 2024 State of the State on January 9th and more state issues are expected to be discussed then.

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