In the midst of more detailed harrassment allegations, resignations by his closest previous allies, and a massive outcry for his resignation or impeachment, embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo still appears to have some backers.  The Cuomo Crush appears to be a hard habit to break, and on Monday afternoon, what remains of Gov. love was seen flying high in Albany skies.

It's unlear exactly who paid for - or who spearheaded -  the flying of the plane with the message "WE STAND WITH GOV CUOMO,"  but a Tweet by someone who appears to be one of his few remaining supporters showed the image as it tracked across a sunny, blue, Albany sky on Monday afternoon.

Lisa Poole @LisaRHP tweeted the image mutiple times and shared the image to a Cuomo adoring Facebook group called the Andrew Cuomo Fan Club.  With over 40,000 followers, the group appear to be the few remaining souls who remain loyal and dedicated despite the overwhelming amount of New Yorkers who are counting the seconds until he's gone.

"While New York and the entire country is struggling with COVID -19, Andrew Cuomo has been an exemplar of leadership and governance in this difficult time.
This is a Group of his supporters and people who appreciate his leadership in these extraordinary times."  Andrew Cuomo Fan Club Facebook 

Attempts to reach out to Lisa Poole were unanswered at the time this post was published.

According to sources, many "high-powered Democrats are calling for Governor Cuomo to resign. The list includes Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Senator Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and President Joe Biden."


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