Happy Birthday today (Sept. 15) to drummer, vocalist Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger. He's 64. Also celebrating today is bassist Jerry Dixon of Warrant (49).

Jerry Dixon
Kellie Warren/Getty Images

Night Ranger formed out of San Francisco, California and had great success with a string of hit singles. The band achieved platinum status on each of their first three albums: Damn Patrol, Midnight Madness, and 7 Wishes. Kelly Keagy is best known as the band's drummer and sometime lead vocalist. He sang on Night Ranger’s biggest hit “Sister Christian” off the 1983 album Midnight Madness. Keagy and Night Ranger continue to tour and make music. The band continues to record and tour with the current lineup featuring Keagy along with Jack Blades, Brad Gillis, Keri Kelli, and Eric Levy. The band's last studio album High Road was released in 2014.

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