Some might look down on drinking in the shower, but there's never been anything wrong with some multitasking.

Plus, it can be fun.

But if fumbling around with a 12 oz bottle of beer while in the shower poses a problem, then a Swedish brewery just might have the solution. 

It's simply called Shower Beer, and comes from brewery called PangPang in Hokarangen. Now, your shower beer comes in a bottle that's only six ounces and can be easily drank in about three gulps. This will help with having to down a regular size bottle as you worry about the slippery bottle falling out of your hand.

But if you think you're being slighted by it's smaller size? Think again. Shower Beer packs quite a wallop at 10% alcohol per volume.

It's described as a sweet but strong pale ale. And wait, does it really double as a conditioner? Brewer Frederik Tunedal said:

The beer is heavily hopped with Citra [hops], and has a citrusy, soapy, and somewhat herbal profile.

And wait, does it really double as a conditioner?

I designed the recipe so that it can also be used as a conditioner, so if you are into looking good rather than feeling good, I’ve thought of you too!

Shower Veer was supposed to be a one time only thing, but the demand was so big PangPang was forced to brew another batch for bigger distributions. Maybe Half Time or Beer World will be getting a shipment soon?