Your house could be famous. Filmmakers are scouting Mid Hudson Valley locations for a movie that will be filmed this summer.

The unnamed production with a $1 million budget will shoot for three weeks in our area. Like many other films being produced in the Hudson Valley, most of the details are being kept secret. The Hudson Valley Film Commission is only saying the movie is being made by "an exceptional filmmaker with (a) great cast."

The first home that's needed is a "modern looking" hhouse that can be made available for three weeks over the summer. Referrals are already rolling in, so if you know of a home that may be vacant or wouldn't mind moving into a hotel for a few weeks, you should send some photos and descriptions over soon.

Another location being scouted for is a local "mansion" type home. According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission, they're looking for a "large, stately home with a classical and traditional look"

The mansion is only needed for one day of filming that's currently slated for the end of July. Additional time for prep may also be needed. The home should have "a lot of dark wood" and also sport a well manicured front lawn. We're imagining many leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany.

If you're interested in renting your home out for this, or other upcoming productions, you can get in contact with the Film Commission at