Faith No More made a stop in Poughkeepsie for a show at The Chance Theater in July of 1990. They took a stroll around Main Street to get better acquainted with the area and there's video to prove it.

The band was in town to open for Soundgarden and were on top of their game. Mike Patton had just joined a year earlier and they were on tour in support of their Grammy nominated The Real Thing, it took him all of two weeks to write the albums lyrics.

The video opens in the alley way behind The Chance Theater with the band getting ready to explore. They set off with around a dozen people, and one of the big differences between now and then, the Main Mall section of Poughkeepsie was still closed to vehicular traffic.

The highlight of the video occurs at the 6:45 mark, Mike Patton approaches a car on Market Street and grabs what appears to be a beer out of the hand of a passenger in a Pinto. You can see that a child is apparently sitting on her lap while she is consuming said beer. Patton grabs the can and smashes it onto the ground. Needless to say, the unidentified passenger is none too pleased.

Enjoy watching Faith No More wander the streets of Poughkeepsie.