This is not the place you want to be stuck!

This poor 81 year-old man reportedly took a wrong turn and ended up on the train tracks in Suffern Friday.

Police the Rockland County man got confused and drove his vehicle off the platform and on to the tracks. He continued to drive several feet on top of the snowpack before getting stuck.

ABC says that a another pedestrian saw the elderly man and called 911. The Good Samaritan tried to coax the older man out of the car but said the driver side door was too close to the platform to open.

That's when the other man said he went to the passenger side door and got the stuck man out of the car and on to a nearby platform.

Luckily, there weren't any trains coming at that moment. Of course, you don't want to hang around long enough to find out.

Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn said:

We were concerned the train was going to come down and by the time they got around that bend, if they didn't know what was going on I don't know if they could have stopped.

The elderly man wasn't hurt and returned home to his family.