Toilet paper hasn't changed for 100 years. But now, a new design promises to solve one of its most annoying problems.

People usually don't think too much about toilet paper unless it's missing. The standard roll of toilet paper has pretty much been the same for our entire lives. While some brands offer paper that's softer or stronger, for the most part, toilet paper has always worked and looked basically the same.

I remember when I was young there used to be colored toilet paper. Sometimes you'd visit a friend's house and they'd have either pink or blue toilet paper. The color usually coordinated with the tile in the bathroom and showed visitors that you were extra fancy. After doctors began warning that dyes could be harmful and environmental concerns were raised, colored toilet paper almost completely disappeared by the 1980s.


A new toilet paper design

After 100 years, Charmin has introduced an innovative new change to toilet paper. Their Smooth Tear design eliminates the straight perforated line that allows you to separate the toilet paper squares and replaces it with a wavy line.

The idea behind the Smooth Tear design is to eliminate ripping of the paper. The old straight line caused ripping because most users grab the paper and pull it at an angle. This causes the paper to rip.

The wavy line on the Smooth Tear toilet paper is supposed to allow users to pull the paper at any angle, either lefty or righty, and get a perfect square every time.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Does Smooth Tear Toilet Paper Really Work?

I tested the new Smooth Tear toilet paper from Charmin to see if it really worked as promised. Upon inspection, the perforation seemed to be just as strong as the old toilet paper. The only difference was that it was shaped in a wavy design instead of straight.

On my first try, I pulled off a square just as I normally do.  To my delight, it easily came right off of the roll. What's even more impressive was that I didn't even have to hold the top of the loose roll with my other hand. If you're quick enough you can just rip off the paper, something that's virtually impossible with regular toilet paper.

On my second try, I decided to give the paper the ultimate test.  Instead of tearing, I just pulled the square straight down. I was completely surprised when it simply popped off of the roll into my hand.  This is something that would never work with the classic toilet paper design.

To see exactly how it worked, check out the video I posted to my Instagram below.

Game-Changing Toilet Paper

After using the Smooth Tear toilet paper I can affirm that it's not just a gimmick. The new perforation works even better than promised and is a huge improvement to something we've been using for 100 years.

The best part is that Charmin doesn't appear to be charging more for the new-style paper. The package I purchased was the same price as the old-fashioned version. However, Smooth Tear technology is only available on their premium Ultra Soft paper for now, so you'll need to upgrade if you're using Ultra Strong or Essentials and want to try the new design.

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