A documentary film about a local drive-in is now available to all Amazon Prime subscribers.

The short film called "The Last Projectionist" was filmed in 2012. It tells the story of a difficult business decision facing the owners of the Overlook Drive-In. As movie studios stop supplying theaters with physical copies of their films, opting instead to go digital, small theaters are left with the choice of either making costly upgrades or closing down.

While many smaller theaters are being forced to make the tough decision of whether to bear the enormous cost of upgrading, seasonal drive-ins like The Overlook are the most vulnerable to the huge financial burden. The film captures not only the dilemma of the owners, Fred and Barbara Cohen, but the plight of their employees, like the projectionist.

Amazon Prime customers can view the film as a part of their subscription to Prime Video, which is now available for the first time on Apple TV. The streaming app was released just this week for Apple owners, ending a long battle between the technology giant and Amazon.

But even if you don't have Amazon Prime, you can still watch the short film. Because it's only 10 minutes long, the movie was uploaded to YouTube by 121 Gigawatt Productions, the studio that released it.