An invasive species of worm has been spotted around the Hudson Valley and gardeners are taking the threat seriously.

According to the Times Union the Amynthas agrestis are an Asian species of worm that look similar to earth worms but behave much more aggressively. While earthworms are beneficial to the environment, these harmful worms are threatening to the local ecosystem.

The "crazy worms" move much quicker than earthworms and gather in groups, devouring dead leaves and debris at a rapid pace. This ruins the soil, loading it up with extra nitrogen and stripping it of carbon dioxide.

The invasive worms are on the move and have most recently been spotted in Columbia and Greene counties. Because of the threat, the local Cooperative Extension has cancelled their annual plant swap this year. They fear that transplanting soil from contaminated areas would help speed up the invasion of the worms.

Keep your eyes open, because the "crazy jumping worms" are most active this time of year. They're usually between four and eight inches, have a shiny skin and gather in large groups. They look almost like they're jumping because of how fast they move compared to other worms.

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