As the fight to legalize recreational marijuana in New York state heats up, both sides of the issue continue to state their cases.

In August, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to work with experts from a number of fields on a potential bill that would be presented to legislature when it reconvenes in January 2019. It really might be happening.

Of course, there's always resistance to change. Some have voiced concern that legal weed dispensaries across the state could hurt other local businesses. There is evidence this has happened in other states where marijuana has been legalized.

There is one group though that has a unique proposal.

A coalition known as the Last Store on Main Street has proposed that legalized marijuana be sold in wine and liquor store. Their concern is that legal weed will lead to the closing of many wine and liquor stores across New York.

Coalition founder Jeff Saunders said:

Recreational marijuana sales have resulted in significant declines in wine and liquor sales in other states, resulting in job loss and even stores closing

The group's website 

We have a proven track record of ensuring only responsible adults are buying our product. That’s a commitment to safety and the law we’ll apply to marijuana sales too. Plus, our stores are located exactly where the state recommends siting recreational marijuana outlets.

Would you ever purchase marijuana at your local liquor store?

It may seem like a long shot, but for a long time many felt the mere discussion of legalized marijuana within New York state was fantasy. Now here we are. Neighboring states like Vermont, Massachuseets, and Maine have already legalized it. New Jersey may soon follow. The entire country of Canada now says it's okay.

Now we weigh the impacts of how life in our state will be if and/or when cannabis is fully legalized. It seems that most New Yorkers are open to the possibilities.