A Carmel man was arrested on a felony charge of assault on two officers.

Putnam County Sheriff's Department Sgts. Michael Szabo and Matthew Monroe responded to the Putnam County Correctional Facility for a report of a man refusing to leave the lobby.

Upon an initial investigation, the sergeants found the John A. Groissl, 59, of Carmel had attempted to visit a female inmate who refused to accept the visitation invitation request, and that Groissl was refusing to leave the facility.

Corrections staff directed the man to leave the facility several times, to which he refused and continued to disrupt facility operations by his conduct.

The sergeants repeatedly attempted to persuade Groissl to leave, and warned if he didn't he would placed under arrest.

When the man continued to to ignore the sergeants' orders, he was imformed that he was under arrest. When the man continue to not comply, sergeants attempted to physically place his hands behind his back, and the man responded by attempting to strike both sergeants with a close fist.

The sergeants, with the assistance of other officers, took the man into custody while he continue to fight them and resist arrest.

Monroe, Szabo, and Groissl were all treated at Putnam Hospital Center for injuries sustained in the altercation and were released.

Monroe suffered abrasions and pain to both his knees, Sgt. Szabo suffered an abrasion to his left knee and pain to his left hip, and Groissl suffered an abrasion to his face.

Groissl was charged with Assault second-degree, a felony, in addition to the charges of Trespass, a violation; obstructing governmental administration, a misdemeanor; resisting arrest, a misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct, a violation.

Groissl was arraigned and committed to the Putnam County Correctional Facility in lieu $25,000 cash bail, or $50,000 bond