A New York college student was arrested after he stormed onto the ice and attacked a referee.

ESPN reports that student player, Brandon Day, is now facing multiple charges after pushing down the 62-year-old referee onto the ice. The incident was caught during a live feed of the NJCAA Ice Hockey Tournament in Binghamton.

WIVB-TV obtained a copy of the footage, which shows just how hard the referee was hit from behind before slamming his head onto the ice.

According to witnesses, the player was in the penalty box with 39 seconds left in the game. That's when Day jumped out onto the ice and attacked the referee. The hockey player was restrained by other players while the referee received medical attention.

Day, a student at Erie Community College, was immediately ejected from the game and sent to the locker room where he reportedly damaged school property. This angry player will have some time to cool off before appearing in front of a judge. His court date has been set for March 21.