The Mid-Hudson Bridge was once used as a musical instrument and many people may not be aware that you can still hear its music today.

Musician Joseph Bertolozzi gained national attention back in 2009 when he released an album of music composed entirely of sounds played by hitting and banging on the Mid Hudson Bridge. Bertolozzi's used different tools and sticks to make noises on the span's girders, wires, and metal structures in an innovative musical experiment. Titled 'Bridge Music,' the performance eventually became an album and a permanent art installation that pedestrians can still listen to today.

Bridge Music can be heard by walking across the Mid-Hudson Bridge's pedestrian path and stopping at two stations located at each tower. Visitors can listen to the music while standing on the very bridge that was used to make it. The installation is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk starting April 1 through October 31 when the stations become accessible to visitors on the walkway.

Those who can't make their way to the walkway can also view the bridge from a distance and listen to the music from Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland. Bridge Music is broadcast on low-power radio and can be heard by tuning to 95.3FM.

Now kicking off its 13th season, Bridge Music is one of the best-kept secrets in the Hudson Valley. For more information and a behind-the-scenes peek at how Bridge Music was made, you can visit Bertolozzi's website

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