Queen's Brian May is considered a guitar hero to many, but for him, Jeff Beck was his hero despite only being a few years older. Like many, May is reflecting on Jeff Beck's life and legacy as one of the premiere musicians in rock after the guitar great's death on Tuesday. In the midst of a lengthy commentary, May also shares the Beck song that he feels is possibly "the most beautiful bit of guitar music ever recorded."

That song would be "Where Were You" off of the guitarist's Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop album. In the midst of his salute to Beck, May tells viewers, "If you wanna hear his depth of emotion and sound and phrasing and the way he could touch your soul, listen to 'Where Were You' off the Guitar Shop album. Just Google 'Where Were You Jeff Beck' and sit down and listen to it for four minutes. It's unbelievable."

He adds, "It's possibly the most beautiful bit of guitar music ever recorded, probably alongside Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing.' So sensitive, so beautiful, so incredibly creative and unlike anything you've ever heard anywhere else. Yes, of course he had his influences too, but he brought an amazing voice to rock music which will never, ever be emulated, or equaled." Take a listen to the song below.

Jeff Beck, "Where Were You"

Further sharing his admiration for Beck, May commented, "Jeff was completely and utterly unique, and the kind of musician who's impossible to define. And I was absolutely in awe of him."

May also shares his recollection of working alongside Beck on a song he specifically wrote about the guitarist, titled "The Guv'nor." "He came over to my place here in the studio, played it with me, and we had a laugh," recalled May. "And he played some incredible stuff. Again, my jaw dropped. I couldn't really pick up a guitar when he was in the room, because he was so incredible, I just wanted to watch and listen. So he played on the track, and he was, like, 'Oh, yeah, whatever.'"

Brian May, "The Guv'nor"

Summing up a bit of Beck's impact not only on him but on a whole generation of musicians, the Queen guitarist commented, "Jeff Beck is so unique, so influential on every guitarist I've ever met in my life. The loss is incalculable. It's so sad not having him in the world anymore. I still can't quite compute it in my head."

See Brian May's full commentary on Jeff Beck below.

Brian May Shares His Thoughts on the Death of Jeff Beck

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